Who we are

At Soul Hair Salon, we are specialized in hair care.

Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars: trend, durability and suitability.

Find out what moves us to always offer you the best service.

About us

At Soul Hair Salon Gandía, we are professionals who love our work. We are passionate about being up to date and that’s why we focus on stay abreast of the latest trends and treatments to take care of our clients.

We present you a hair salon based on love so that the hair is always perfect, so that you have an experience in the salon that you will always remember.

We like our clients to be satisfied after passing through our hairdressers, our goal is to make you happy and we work based on this philosophy.

Our philosophy

At Soul Hair Salon Gandía you will find professionals who individualize the work for each client. In our team there are only professionals willing to advise you on what is best for you, what your hair needs every time. We are hair prescribers and this is what we are known for, it is our philosophy and reason for being.

The appearance of your hair is a reflection of its health, that’s why in our hairdressing salon you will see that what we value most is taking care of the health of your hair.

The care you will receive at Soul Hair Salon is based on careful protocols faithfully followed by all members of our team.

Our procedures

Hairdressing sessions begin with our exclusive Soul Hair Salon hair diagnosis, which will allow us to collect your ideas and interpret what you need.

Next, we will work with a careful selection of La Biosthethique treatments and we will recommend those that will make your hair shine in all its splendor, both inside and out.

If you want a spectacular and trendy haircut, these are the basis of our work. We offer a defined cut, adapting it to the morphology of each person and the texture of each hair.

In case you are looking for a coloration, our dyes are worked individually in our laboratory and adapted to each hair.

In any treatment that you come to our hair salon in Gandía, you will enjoy the attention and care of our hair spa and our aesthetic cabinet. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our team

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