Salón de peluquería en Valencia y Gandia, especializado en Tendencias de Corte y Color para el cabello.


At Soul Hair Salon, we are experts in shaping hair.

Our philosopy is based on three fundamental concepts: what´s trending, what lasts and what best suits you.

Long Hair latest trends


This is the new Midi cut – a longer than usual bob touching the collarbone. Strongly structured, little movement and weighted at the ends for volume. Great for fine hair.

Midi-length and midi-length long

Cut at the chin, with or without layers, lots of movement, straight weighting.


A classic cut suitable for all: different lengths for different proportions and textures.


The Shaggy is back with a bang. Layers for volume and movement are the key.


The bob: characteristic of the changing trends of the 20s, 40s and 60s. A timeless cut, always popular with our stylists in its many different variations: the micro-bob with fringe, the Bob Wob, the Bob Carré.

Collarbone cut

Trending this season 2021/22. The new long Bob that skims the collarbone. Suitable for all hair types.

Short Hair


Reminiscent of the 80s, this cut is back. A long neck and short layers with lots of texture and movement for a breezy look.


A timeless classic for all styles. Our stylists will choose the best look for you. Suitable for all hair types.


A prominently short cut with a strong masculine look and sultry finish.


A very short cut in line with the scalp.


Unbulk and give your hair some style with undercut techniques. Suitable for all hair types, a classic cut with a modern, comfortable and versatile twist.

Short Crop

If short hair is your thing, you´ll love short crops. Create a frame for each face type with this indispensable everyday cut.

Cuts for Men


This technique allows us to switch up your style whilst still offering comfort and hold. A truly versatile cut.


Military-style soldier cuts give your look personality and comfort.


With or without a fringe, trendy gradient cuts are a fundamental part of our repetoire. Extremely short and subtle, these are indispensable everyday cuts.