Luxury Treatment


Do you feel your hair lacks vitality? Would you like to recover its shine, strength, vitality and elasticity? Keep reading because this interests you.

What is a Luxury Treatment?

A care session for you and your hair

The Soul Hair Salon Luxury Treatment is a self-care gift for you to restore your hair’s natural health.

Its objective is to repair the hair in a deep way, nourish it and strengthen it by replenishing the lipid and water reserves of the hair, long-lasting.

The result is a strong, vital, eslatic and shiny mane; soft and easy to comb.

You will leave the salon with “newborn” hair, beautiful, healthy, natural and shiny.

Soul Hair Salon tratamiento luxury cabello sano

Do I need this treatment?

At Soul Hair Salon Gandía we only recommend the most suitable treatments for you

But if you want more information before coming, Luxury Treatment is ideal for:

  • Porous, dry and/or damaged hair. Also frizzy.
  • Maintenance and care of long hair. Taking care before cutting.
  • Reinforcement and prevention before summer.
  • Recovery after summer, salt water, chlorinated water, sun exposure…
  • Cracked hair, with split ends or spliss.
  • Hair damaged or hard to comb.
  • Before a treatment with alkaline products (bleaching, perm) to protect.
  • Increase strength, elasticity and hair volume.

Which is the result of Luxury Treatment?

Love your hair again!

  • Strong hair, with body and elasticity.
  • Soft and shiny mane.
  • Improved combability.
  • Reduction of split ends and hair roughness.
  • Organic protection layer that acts as a flexible film providing support and protection against external aggressions.
  • It does not add weight to the hair even though it is an intensive treatment.
  • Results can be easily extended with regular home treatments.
  • In severe cases, we can repeat applications to improve the result.

What does it consist of?

Luxury Treatment is a 2-phases treatment:



  • The stylist will study your hair and select the best product based on the initial situation of the hair and the objective pursued.
  • Application of the chosen product (oils or collagen) and exposure to it to take advantage of its benefits.
  • Oil: Application of healing creams.
  • Oil: Remove the product and condition the hair.
  • Drying, cauterization and fixation in case of using collagen.

Seguimiento: Para que puedas mantener el resultado y las sensaciones vividas en el salón, te ofreceremos productos para prolongar el tratamiento en casa durante más tiempo.

When is it recommended?

  • Frizzy hair or hair that has lost its shine.
  • Before using alkaline products such as bleaching or permanent.
  • When there are difficulties combing or controlling the hair.
  • Once every 3 months for maintenance and prevention.

Here we are, willing to take care of your hair!